About Network

Around Ljubljana open wireless network is growing. With the use of common and widespread wireless technology but with the innovative approach and above all with the collaboration we connect Ljubljana's public, artistic and cultural, production, educational, research and all other interested spaces and individuals into an autonomous and independent wireless network above Ljubljana, in which there is enough space, freedom and possibilities for new content, interaction and communication, research, data exchange, services and alternative access to Internet content. This way a new media is emerging, free to access, its possibilities limited only by one's imagination and creativity.

Because of its wireless and innovative organic nature its spread and access to the network is limited only with participation of users in it: more users there is more the network is spread and useful, for more purposes users can use it, more and richer content it provides.

If you would like to contribute to the network you are more than welcome to contact us or join us on our mailing lists, IRC channel or one of our meetings/gatherings (which are announced on network's home page). With offering for use your roof, balcony, window or some other high location you are already contributing a lot, but active participation with your own node installation is much more interesting, educational and useful. Last but not least, you can contribute also with donating some network equipment or funds to acquire it.

The network is growing and existing just because individuals, organizations and groups cooperate and connect. You should join too!

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